Winton Town Tour

Winton is one of outback Australia’s most historic and legendary towns. From the Corfield and Fitzmaurice building to the truck Museum and Winton Opal Gems, well take bus tour of the township of Winton and its famous sights.

Ultimate Land Dinosaur Trail Expedition

Age of Dinosaurs and Bladensberg An exclusive off-highway adventure where we leave civilisation far behind and enter a magical land – Bladensberg National Park. Be enchanted by the Twisted Forest, visit chains of ancient rock pools fed by natural springs, and experience the incredible native flora and fauna of the outback. Then we head to […]

Boomerang Alley Masterclass

Did you know that the boomerang was originally used as a hunting device by Aboriginal women? It is the oldest known example of the laws of physics in relation to lift, rotation and drag which are the guiding principals leading to the inventions of the propeller, planes, boats, helicopters and more. In this masterclass you […]

Marine – Reptile – Dinosaur Trail Expedition

An exclusive Vision Splendid expedition of Australia’s Dinosaur Trail. Begin your journey through the Marine Dinosaur Trail in Hughenden where we meet Hughie the Muttaburrasaurus while experiencing breathtaking landscapes and amazing geological features. We then head to Richmond with stops at Kronosaurus Korner and Marathon Station where we meet Penny the Plesiosaur and Minmi the […]

Rangelands Rifts and Night Sky Dreaming Dinner

Experience the majesty of sunset as we journey to the top of one of Winton’s famous mesa formations which overlook the panoramic outback plains. We begin the experience by navigating through the famous rocky maze of the Rangeland Rifts. We then enjoy sunset drinks and a 2-course dinner while learning about Winton’s first nation people, […]

Art Deco & History Tour

From songs penned by Banjo Patterson to celebrities and modern film makers, take a tour of the famous North Gregory Hotel as we learn about the hotel’s history and heritage.

Elderslie Streetscape Tour

The history & richness of Winton’s main street Elderslie will come alive as our Vision Splendid guide takes you on an impressive journey. Get to know Winton’s town centre, whose architecture, history and heritage has lots to love. From a modern-day movie set to Swagman and Andrew Barton Paterson, this experience is not to miss.

Didgeridoo Masterclass

Get to know the history of Winton through music and understand how the didgeridoo came into existence. Learn about the origins of the didgeridoo and experience live playing, a lesson in breathing, mouth shaping and noise creating which mimic the animals of the outback. You’ll then create your own music putting your lesson to the […]

Opalton Opal Mining and Lark Quarry

Home to over 3,300 fossilised dinosaur footprints, formed over 95 million years ago, Lark Quarry is the only known location of a dinosaur stampede on the planet. From the stampede head onto Opalton, the land of Australia’s national Gemstone Opal for an exclusive private tour. Discover the mining settlement in Opalton and uncover the hidden […]

Beyond the Rifts

Rangelands Sunset Tour Winton is no stranger to Hollywood – with its stunning locations and vistas the town is a constant destination for filmmakers and location scouts. Navigate the narrow passages of the Rangeland Rifts as we climb through a natural rocky maze of trees and boulders experiencing the sights of the Outback’s majestic plains. […]

Winton’s Sacred Waterholes

Known as a  sacred place for the Koa people we trace the history of Winton by discovering the cultural significance of the waterholes. We begin this tour with a stop at the Pelican Waterhole followed by a visit to Fig Tree Waterhole.

Dinosaurs and Meteors

Lark Quarry and Merton Gorge Home to over 3,300 fossilised dinosaur footprints, formed over 95 million years ago, Lark Quarry is the only known location of a dinosaur stampede on the planet, and it is truly remarkable. From the stampede, head onto Merton Gorge, known locally as Winton’s Grand Canyon thanks to its breathtaking views […]